Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Food Glorious Food at Over The Moon Labradoodles

As you can see by this family photo I am a busy mum.  With nine babies I haven't had my hair done
in two months.  They are now three weeks old but my pregnancy was as you can imagine exhausting.
      I supervise everybody rather carefully so that all nine can grow up certain of themselves, fat  and happy.
     Happy to me has a great deal to do with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  When I am not planning a family or having puppies to nurse they give me a cup in the morning and a cup in the evening.  Really, a paultry amount of food but Dr. Ruth is worried that I will run to fat which is hard on the joints.  Although I love to eat I don't want to become old before my time and apparently that is what I will do if I eat too much.
   Now with my nine I am in heaven.  I have two cups first thing as my first little breakfast and then I get a second little breakfast with gravy.  I look forward to a good lunch, teatime, dinner and then a little night lunch.  Life is good.
   I have a little goats milk with some of my meals and sometimes a little vegetable or tinned food. I love a good culinary surprise.
  I have a  quality diet and now my puppies are having my food ground up with warm goats milk to supplement my feedings with them.
  Quality is everything when it comes to dog food and how is a person to know?  It all looks alike!
  Jean and Liz go to www.dogfoodanalysis.com to find out what exactly is in all those kibbles.  They are also rated.  If you want your puppy to grow strong bones and be a healthy boy or girl it is a good idea to check out what exactly is in his lunch.  Even if it says 'organic' and other fancy things and even if it costs more than your steak it still could not be the best food.
  We are eating Horizon Legacy right now.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Over the Moon with Visitors Visitors Visitors

Expecting Company!
  Mr. March is out of the nursery with his sisters and is waiting on his cushion for company to arrive.
Every day Mr. March meets a person or maybe more than one.  He is getting happier and happier with being picked up. and cuddled 
  I have puppies of my own but they are just two weeks old and not yet receiving many visitors.  I do allow people to pick up my puppies but I am very understanding and they have to wash their hands first.
  Mr. March is four weeks old and he and his sisters are regular social butterflies.  
  When his family takes him home my advice to them is to keep the strangers coming.  Big ones, man ones, baby ones and everybody in between.  The more people he meets the happier he will be meeting people.  As soon as he can get out to walk about town and be admired the better.  
  A puppy about town who develops social graces will never be the puppy that is shut in the basement when company comes because you just don't know if he will bite Aunt Minnie our growl at the baby.